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Shopping at Misfits Market: Tips and Tricks for Savings and Discounts

Misfits Market is a popular online store that offers organic and sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables that may be visually imperfect or have slight blemishes. Not only does this reduce food waste, but it also helps customers save money on fresh and healthy produce. Here are some useful tips and tricks for shoppers looking for savings and discounts:

1. Use Coupon Codes

One of the easiest ways to save money at Misfits Market is by using coupon codes. These codes offer discounts or free items with your purchase. You can find valid coupons on various coupon websites or by signing up for Misfits Market's newsletter or social media pages. For example, the current coupon code FALL25' offers $25 off your first box.

2. Review the Subscription Plans

Misfits Market offers various subscription plans that suit different budgets and preferences. The plans include weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of produce boxes. You can also pause skip or cancel the subscription at any time. By reviewing these plans you can choose the one that offers the best value for your needs.

3. Check for Promotions and Sales

Misfits Market occasionally offers limited-time promotions or discounts on specific products or categories. These deals may be advertised on the website social media pages or through email notifications. Keep an eye out for these promotions to save on your shopping.

4. Explore the Popular Products

Misfits Market offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables but some products are more popular than others. These include items such as avocados carrots potatoes tomatoes and kale. By exploring the popular products you can get an idea of what's in season and what other customers are enjoying.

Overall shopping at Misfits Market offers a convenient way to get fresh and organic produce without breaking the bank. By using coupon codes reviewing subscription plans checking for promotions and exploring popular products you can save money while still enjoying healthy and delicious food. Start shopping today at and don't forget to use coupon codes at checkout!