Help and FAQ

How to Install / Uninstall the Promo Codes Finder extension?

You can Install/Uninstall Promo Codes Finder browser extension with a few simple clicks on:
Chrome Store:
Edge Store: Promo Codes – Microsoft Edge Addons
Firefox store:
Opera Store: coming soon.

What browsers is Promo Codes Finder available?

The extension is available (or will be available soon available) on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

How does the Promo Codes Finder extension work?

Automatically finds coupon codes, deals and cash back while you browse on your favorite stores. If it finds something, it prompts you with a list of recommended offers you can use at checkout. 

What does it mean when a coupon doesn’t have a code?

Some coupons may not have listed codes and you can receive that discount by just clicking the “Get Deal” button, then being directed into the store. 

How do I use a coupon code?

When you click on the Get Coupon Code, it will automatically open a popup window where you can copy the code. Paste the code into the “code” field from the checkout and the discount will be applied. Note: “code” field is usually found in the shopping cart at online stores.

How do I submit a coupon?

There are two ways to submit a coupon: you contact us or you submit here the offer.
How do I edit my coupon? Contact us to help to see if we can make any changes to a coupon. 

What if a coupon code doesn’t work?

We have several systems to validate automatically if the offers are valid, however, the validation is not done real-time, so there is a small probability the offers might not be valid at the moment you click on them. Also, there are a few cases when the deal providers or the stores might advertise an invalid offer (by mistake) or misleading content so in these cases, it is very hard to be 100% sure the offer is valid or not. We do our best to serve you with quality content. Please be sure to let us know when you run across one special case that doesn’t work.