How to use OpenAI to verify the content

Interesting directions to explore using OpenAI for bloggers or online shopping stores:

  1. automatically Re-Write content (removing misspells, re-prase, add more information, SEO links automatically vs original article written by a human)
  2. Categorize content (prioritize, group the content by common tags, filter/delete/hide low value content)
  3. Check if the content provides a value or is a junk to your target users
  4. Cost of AI vs human work
  5. Tunning parameters and other factors
  6. Conclusions

I. How you can use OpenAI models

Using Java, Python, Curl or any programming language you want to call OpenAI API:

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Bali, Conquest of the Paradise

Cheap and Private Beach Houses can be found anywhere, but if you want to avoid crowds and you want privacy you need to go in East of the island. 30% cheaper for the same view and comfort.

Here is out top preferred locations.

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Winter in Cyprus

We decided to start our year with a trip on the first day of 2023. While others were just coming back from their New Year’s Eve, we were heading to the airport to fly to Larnaca, the oldest city in Cyprus.

Although it was the first day of January, we were greeted upon landing by spring-like weather, with sunshine and temperatures of almost 20 degrees. We had been to Cyprus two years before, at the end of August. Then we were captivated by the sea water, which was warmer than anywhere in Europe, not to mention the unreal blue color of some bays. And as we first explored the north-west coast of the island and even spent a day in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, we now wanted to take a trip to the mountains in the center of the island to enjoy the picturesque villages there.

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To Rome with Love

Dear Friends, Dear Family, Dear colleagues,

I am writing from Rome. I do not remember anything more gracious and more impressive than the City of Rome. It is been said from ancient times if you have seen Rome, you have seen everything.

And it is true, because even nowadays, after centuries of salvages and destruction, Rome is still magnificent. However Rome is not about the buildings, fashion, good style, or food, it is all about history. The Roman Empire, one of the biggest on Earth, with its ~70 emperors, lasted more than 15 centuries. They were the founders of Modern Christianism and the founders of the Renaissance, the base for all schools of art, philosophy, and literature. Thanks to Romans, we have everything we know nowadays: economy, military strategy, government structures, religion, and culture. I remember the movie The Emperor’s Club and now understand why professor William Hundert insisted on studying ancient Rome: “The end depends upon the beginning“.

Rome Attractions in 4 Days

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Sardinia and Corsica, all-in-one experience

In our travels, we ended up in the southern Mediterranean. From the Sardinia beaches to Corsica’s wild nature, we travel to see if it truly deserves the title The Caribbean of Europe.

Corsica Travel

Corsica and Sardinia need to be visited together, first because those two islands are separated only by a 15 Km channel, 1h hour trip by ferry or by a private boat in 30 min, and second because they will get you one of the most complete experience you can get in Mediterana (cristal waters, white/red sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, lakes all-in-one).

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Russian-Ukrainian War and The Impact on Savings

We are in March 2022. Who thought is possible, after a huge pandemic crisis, that will start a war in Europe, a war against western civilization? War in Ukraine will definitely shape the face of the global economy no matter how will end. We analyzed the market trends during the pandemic with SARS COVID-19 and during the Ukraine War and here is what we observed at the global level, but with higher impact on countries near Ukraine. If the pandemic did not trigger an immediate economic crisis, the war definitely will do it. It is imperative to stop the war in Ukraine, because sooner or later will affect all our lifestyle and our savings. Here are the main effects of Russo-Ukrainian war:

  • Company stocks decreased world-wide
  • Price of petrol increased
  • Interest rates will rise and real estate will stagnate
  • The food price will increase
  • Crypto currencies will be volatile
  • Tourism temporary decrease and emigration raised
  • The pandemic ended on the same month war started (the focus changed)
  • European currencies fell
  • Disinformation and Fake News will increase.

We will analyze all the effects one by one and we will provide some advice to save your money.

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